Who are we?

We are a specialized company in the design, manufacture, and installation of high-quality lightweight shade systems.

Q SHADING is more than just another shading systems company.

We are a complete design/build and “fabric architecture company”

providing our own in-house and outdoor architectural design and engineering team.

We provide the ultimate in shade and weather protection while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any facility or residence

In 2001, our mother comapny ALQUDS STEEL for steel fabrication and construction started its activities in Egypt

Ten years later, we proudly were the first company in Egypt to lay the foundation stone of shading systems within Q SHADING

Our vision

To be “The most recognized company for high commitment in integrated Shading systems in the region”..

Our mission

To provide competitive service , to meet client’s satisfaction with a balanced formulation of cost and standards meeting quality requisites within the relevant time, Creating a culture of integrity ,commitment ,and cooperation for our members ,so as to reach high standards of commitment and quality.