PVC Tensile Structures

Unlike reinforced concrete structures, textile membrane is a construction material serving as both a supporting element and a cover, besides taking form (equilibrium form) according to the pre-stressing force created by the asymmetrical tensile force, not to the pressure. The pre-stressing force to be applied is related to the form and design of the structure, and is found following the calculations to be made statically.

These materials have a vast spectrum of applications from shades to stadiums, amphitheaters to parking lots, market places and performance halls, to various parks and recreational structures, to entrance canopies and to airport structures.

Tensile structures

Tensile shade structures have existed for a very long time in the form of simple tent-like shelters; together, guy ropes and tent poles provide pre-tension to a fabric, allowing the greater structure to withstand the loads of wind, rain and snow.

We use other different types of material also for all the project requirements

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