Are you looking for a modern and stylish terrace covering solution for your home or business?

Automated, or motorized pergolas are low maintenance, durable and are a surefire way to enhance your outdoor space experience in any weather conditions.

Pergola - modern automated terrace

Automated pergola is a functional and easily adaptable architectural structure made of aluminum beams that does not require additional construction permits. Such pergolas are a perfect cover for the patio or terrace of your home.

They expand and improve your outdoor living space, provide protection from wind, rain and sunlight, and allow you to enjoy fresh air independent of weather conditions.

Pergolas are also ideally suited for hotels, restaurants and other commercial spaces. They provide an all year round shade and protection which will surely set you apart from competitors and help attract more customers.

Why you should opt for an automatic pergola?

Pergolas are perfectly suited to protect from a variety of unfavorable weather conditions in any climate zone.

Precipitation: insulated overhead roof and waterproof fabric that draws rain water toward a beam in the front provides an excellent protection against precipitation. In addition, the extremely durable impregnated roof fabric is able to withstand heavy precipitation as well as winter snowfall.
Wind: sturdy and airtight construction prevents wind from entering through the roof, ducts or rails of the patio, making sure that if you close the roof you will not feel any wind. Direct sunlight: the special properties of pergola roof fabric keep the heat and harmful UV rays out of your terrace, ensuring ideal temperature and relaxation on the terrace.

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