High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) fabric is a cost effective material designed for basic modular structures. HDPE is suited for large commercial projects. Specifications require fabric exposed to environmental conditions including wind, rain, hail, dust and UV exposure.

Insulated fabric membranes can be as thin as 9 millimeters. HDPE fabrics can still provide translucent, diffused glare free natural daylight, enhanced temperature control (even in extreme climates), and innovative sustainability.
The triple-layer composite of insulated tensile fabric membrane is made up of:
1. TiO² PTFE; Lightweight and translucent, PTFE fiberglass is resistant to UV. The outer PTFE layer of insulation comes standard with a TiO² coating that helps keep the membrane clean.

2. Created by Cabot Corporation, Nanogel Aerogel™ is the world’s most effective thermal insulation. The world’s lightest solid material. Most importantly, Nanogel™ is highly translucent similar to PTFE fiberglass.

3. PTFE fiberglass interior liner provides a continuous vapor barrier and effective acoustical barrier depending.
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HDPE Material Specifications

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